It's a Cherokee Rose

2.05 & 2.09 / 3.10

- “There’s a back story of why Daryl is looking for Sophia so hard. He was an abused kid and he was left alone and he’s sort of overcoming his own demons by looking for this little girl. He thinks that if he can find her he can put some of those demons to bed. I’m covered in scars underneath my shirt. That was the whole thing with Carol bringing me the soup in bed after I come back from falling down the ravine and so forth. She says, ‘You’re every bit as good as them.’ So, I know that backstory ahead of time. (NR)

It’s a very close bond between those two. -Norman Reedus [x]


Favourite TWD Character Meme: four scenes

"I’ll do it. He’s my husband." — 1.05 Wildfire


Carol and Daryl, Season Five

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